Behind the Tribit name is a team of audio experts, experienced acoustic, electronic, and mechanical engineers from some of the world’s biggest audio brands. Our team’s decades of experience is carefully tuned to develop new technologies that improve sound quality, outdoor usability, and affordability.

We created XBass® technology for better bass processing, getting those all-important lows booming through your speakers, and Runstretch™ technology, which auto-adjusts voltage according to the audio input, providing breakthrough battery life. Research & Development is also pivotal to our efforts to develop premium-quality portable audio products. Our R&D team ensure that everyone has access to outdoor-oriented speakers with incredibly sound quality at reasonable prices. We are Tribit.

All without tearing a hole through the wallet, because great music deserves to be heard by everyone, everywhere.
So turn up the volume on your Tribit, and immerse yourself in the soundwaves and tempos of the best hits all around. Because with Tribit, you’re plugging into an experience.


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12months warranty

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Ship within 24 hours

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Packing with air wrap